Dive Courses
- Beginner through to professional
- Courses for both disabled and able bodied divers
- One-to-one tuition available
- Internationally recognised qualifications
Open Water Diver/Ocean Diver*
This is the first qualification you will undertake on your journey into the underwater
world. The course will teach you everything you need to know in order to dive as a
buddy pair or team without supervision of a dive professional.

It is fun, easy and comprises a combination of knowledge development, pool training
and open water qualifying dives.

Disabled divers will follow exactly the same training format, however the skills may
need to be adapted to make allowances for a specific disability. The qualification
issued will denote how many assistants/buddies are required.

All required equipment will be supplied.

Advanced Open Water Diver*
This next level will introduce you to sample a range of additional diving activities,
including deep, navigation and a host of other elective dives. You'll complete 5 dives
under the supervision of an instructor and a small amount of knowledge development.

Rescue Diver*
In this course, you will learn further self-rescue skills and also how to assist another
diver. You will also discover a great deal about your own strengths and limitations. It's
a serious course, but it is a huge amound of fun and your confidence as a diver will
grow considerably.

Learn a range of different diving activities in detail. There are many to choose from,
including: deep, nitrox, wreck diving, drysuit diving, digital underwater photography,
buoyancy, drift diving, boat diving, night diving, search & recovery and many more.

If you have the desire to assist other divers, this is the course for you. As a qualified
Divemaster, other divers will look to you for guidance and advice. You can introduce
new divers to the excitement of diving, assist instructors with courses and even
teach some specialties independently.
Your course, your choice

Dive Ability are not tied to any single
training agency and so we can offer the
course that suits YOU.

Our instructors are able to provide
courses from all of the world's leading
organisations including PADI, HSA, SSI
and BSAC.

* Course titles/content vary across agencies


Open Water Diver/Ocean Diver*
- 10 years old - Junior Open Water Diver
- 15 years old - Open Water Diver

Advanded Open Water Diver*
- Open Water/Junior Open Water Diver
- 12 years old - Junior Adv. Open Water
- 15 years old - Advanced Open Water

Rescue Diver*
- Advanced/Junior Adv. Open Water Diver
- Current First Aid/CPR training
- 12 years old - Junior Rescue Diver
- 15 years old - Rescue Diver

Prerequisites vary dependent on the
specialty. Please consult your instructor.

- Advanced Open Water & Rescue Diver
- Current First Aid/CPR training
- Minimum 40 logged dives
- 18 years old - Junior Rescue Diver
- Medical form countersigned by a GP

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course, contact us.

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The following medical form should be completed prior to attending any diving course:
Please note: if you answer 'yes' to any of the medical conditions listed on the form, you will need to get it countersigned by a GP prior to attending your try dive. With the exception of the Divemaster course, if all of the answers are 'no', a GP's signature is not necessary.

We are unable to offer specific medical advice.

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