Welcome to Dive Ability
Scuba diving for people with disabilities and disadvantages

Scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of physical ability.
In fact, if you have a disability, scuba diving can offer you a unique sense of
freedom by transporting you into a world of weightlessness and unlimited intrigue.
Visit tropical coral reefs, historic shipwrecks, underwater caves, swim with
dolphins in their natural habitat. The possibilities are endless and every dive
immerses you in your own brand new adventure.

Start your journey here.
A HSA training facility
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Pool sessions
We hold regular monthly pool sessions. For
a list of our 2020 pool dates, click here
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Dive Ability is proud to be associated with the HSA. The HSA was founded in 1981 and is now the world's leading authority on recreational diving for people with disabilities.
We have a dedicated team of fully qualified instructors, divemasters and assistants who will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Courses lead to internationally recognised qualifications.
Instructor & buddy courses
HSA Course Group
Share your passion for scuba diving with others by completing the HSA instructor or dive buddy course.

The course covers the theoretical and practical skill you'll need to teach or assist people with disabilities.

Next course dates:
3rd-5th April - Surrey
4th-6th September 2020 - Stoney Cove

Click here for details
Sad News
It is with the saddest of hearts that we have
to report the recent passing of Michelle Bass
who after a long fight finally succumbed to
pancreatic cancer.

Michelle had been involved with Dive Ability
almost from its start and was known and loved
by everyone who knew her for her bubbly
disposition, limitless enthusiasm and
friendliness to everyone she met.

She will be hugely missed and our thoughts and
prayers go out, at this very sad time,
to her husband and family. (4th Nov 2019)

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"breaking barriers with bubbles"
phone: 07721 890058
email: info@diveability.org
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